Place Your Trust in Us Your Pets Will Thank you!

Without a doubt, our most important asset is our team which consists of a unique combination of highly qualified professionals from multi-disciplinary backgrounds. Not only have our managers and workers substantive experience in the pet industry, but our staff is also trained in agronomy, distribution, transportation, export, packaging as well as marketing. In order to stay at the leading edge of the latest developments in these areas, our employees are constantly updated with knowledge.

Being qualified and experienced is nothing without dedication and collaborative effort. That’s why our team is continuously working hard to meet and even to exceed customers’ expectations.

With the commitment of our managers and workers to deliver quality cat litter, Canada Litter invites all breeders, pet shop owners, distributors and consumers to join our company by building partnerships that will help all actors to reach higher summits.

In today’s competitive markets, quality products have to be supported by quality service. Canada Litter Inc established specialized service departments to make you feel at home in the pet industry.

One of our strengths is our personal approach to build lasting relationships and trust with all customers. Whether you have questions about our products or need a follow-up of your last order, please feel free to call or E-mail us anytime. Our multi-lingual customer service will be happy to assist you with your inquiry.

Since the foundation of Canada Litter Inc, international development was one of our main focuses. Today, we’re proud to have customers in Europe, Asia, Middle-East and all across the Americas. In order to fulfill the requests and wishes of our worldwide customers, we established a specialized export department.

– Our export team will make sure all shipments reach their final destinations in the proper way and as agreed.

– If you have specific needs about packaging or pallet customization, we will find a way to meet your needs

– We offer tracking solutions.

It’s not only necessary to have a high quality product, but it should also be well presented. Through our creative marketing and graphics department, Canada Litter inc. can offer its customers complete product and sales support.

Several marketing tools are available:

– Design for trademarks and logos.

– Product information in brochures, as a CD-Rom or as a PowerPoint presentation.

– In stores marketing: posters, banners and promotional coupons.

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