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Monge, since 1963 the Italian history of pet food

Success in numbers

Monge group is the italian biggest cat and dog feed manufacturer.

The pet food factory in Monasterolo di Savigliano, in the Italian province of Cuneo, houses all departments: production, quality control, research&development, logistics, marketing and head office functions. A 225-strong team of professionals and 120 sales representatives assure the highest standard of service, year after year. What the company has become is an extraordinary testament to the Monge family’s vision, and to the hard work of everyone working for them.

The main site in Monasterolo di Savigliano, including production and logistics, extends across 48,000 square metres and has a fleet of 30 vehicles guaranteeing on-time deliveries throughout Italy.

The ability to cover all distribution channels and serve all levels of the market have underpinned the Monge Group’s constant growth over the years.

These factors are the reason a rising number of Italian families choose the quality of Monge products for their four-legged friends every day.

Monge & C. S.p.A. is certified to UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008, Certificate No. ER-1317/2011.

The most advanced dry pet food system in the Europe

Monge Group has set itself the mission of guaranteeing the nutritional health of cats and dogs with products that meet their every nutritional requirement.

Since the new dry pet food facility was opened in 2013, the output of dry kibble has reached new heights with equally high quality and nutritional standards.

Every sector and the entire manufacturing process is handled at the main MONGE site in Monasterolo di Savigliano, from raw material selection to production and product packaging.

A true pet food revolution in Italy.


Monge was born in 1963 from an intuition of Baldassare Monge

It was a big bet because it introduced a new concept for feeding dogs and cats in Italy and also a great news for those who loved their pets and wanted their wellbeing. In those years Italy was experiencing a great change. Millions of Italians moved from the countryside to the cities. Our four-legged friends were becoming part of the household requiring more and more care and attention. Baldassarre Monge realized that a change in dog and cat nutrition was necessary because their nutritional needs are very different from those of human beings. This is how the company grew steadily over the years, investing in innovation, research and quality, dealing with foreign markets and introducing a new concept of products in Italy, and obtained records not only in our country, but throughout Europe. It is an ongoing challenge to which the new generations of the family and important industry professionals are committed, called by Baldassare Monge to make their contribution with commitment and passion.

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