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Living with a pet is a unique experience: a special bond is created that involves a large commitment. By offering specific high quality products, we attend to the health and wellbeing of your pets, providing all the answers to those who want to give their little lifelong friends the very best. The company was set up as a result of the passion for animals of Signor Clemente Padovan, and this is the reason why our products carry his name. It was 1953 when he started to make his first bird food and still today the company is founded on the same values: to make living with pets in the home a joy always. We select the raw materials very carefully, sourcing them directly from areas throughout the world where specific crops are traditionally grown, while all the processing takes place on our factory premises in Italy, in order to ensure double quality control.

Our products are therefore the result of only the very best ingredients and our expertise in animal nutrition, based on a thorough knowledge of the different species, the needs of animals throughout the different seasons of the year and their different stages of life. Our products are appreciated in 15 European countries, where taking care of pets is a well-established tradition. From Signor Padovan’s “canary mix”, the family business, today in its second generation, has grown, expanding the range of bird food, but also for dwarf rabbits, rodents and aquarium fish. To complete the pet food range, we have a series of specific hygiene products, just as important for pet health. Lastly, with the more demanding customer in mind, we have created the new Wellness line, the result of collaboration with university researchers who we asked to come up with a product par excellence for the composition and quality of the ingredients used, so we could offer the best quality food for domestic animals.


Our commitment is to improve the wellbeing of animals, but also to find the most effective solutions for their owners and to make living with their little lifelong companions even more enjoyable.


Raw materials, processing, products, life within the company: at VALMAN everything is about quality, the byword for our business.


We work with great enthusiasm, devoting ourselves to the care of animals with total regard for the environment and human health. We follow a policy of innovation for the continual improvement of our business and of the quality of the life all around us.


To provide the most suitable foods for your animals, we select the finest seeds from all over the world that come to us directly from the regions traditionally associated with each crop: canary grass from Canada, millet from France and Ukraine, Niger seed from India, striped sunflowers from Hungary and so on…

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